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Well hell. Here we are, a month and a half later. Would you like to know what I accomplished on my list of things I was going to do? None of it. This is why I don't make resolutions because I fail epically at keeping them.

Anyway. Nothing really exciting has happened. I had a Desperate Housewives moment where I decided to seduce the fella that was painting my mother's house. That lasted for about three weeks before he got back together with an ex girlfriend. No skin off my nose though, really. I knew that was destined for failure from the start, most notably because he had no interest in stopping his drug use, particularly the pill popping. Weed I can deal with. That's just so common it's hard to really even call it a drug. I won't stand by though while someone pops oxys and xanaxs though. I'm just not that kind of girl.

I read my first book of the year, finally. At least one that was fiction and not spiritual-based. It was The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. Young adult romance, which I'm sure some of you are going to go "Oh GAWD the cheese" but it was really freakin' fantastic. Seriously. The woman can throw down a setting like no other. Also, I am a total sucker for faerie fiction. Guh. It was really fab. Then Lauren and I discovered that it was only released on Feb 1???? What??? The next book in the series isn't coming out until August. Woe! On the up side though, it has made me want to seriously start writing again. I really think that YA fiction is going to be my forte because my writing is just too light and funny most of the time to do anything worth adult fiction--at least that they would think so. Besides, young readers have way more imagination these days. I don't want to be the next Dan Brown, y'all. That's not my goal. I want to write fun fiction that people enjoy reading that will make them want to read my next book. That is my primary goal. To create interesting, dynamic characters that a young reader can relate to and give them something to dream about beyond their mundane life.

Also: dancing. I really want to start dancing more again. I need to get back down to my "fighting weight" which really wasn't all that small anyway, just under the 200 mark so that I feel comfortable putting on a hip scarf and shakin' my ass. I wish there were a larger belly dancing contingency here in Clarksville. I don't really want to drive to Nashville for classes, especially since they are during the week and hello, I'm working that effed up shift. Weekends are more for performances and showcases. I need to break out the DVDs I have and some youtube and get myself inspired again. Rachel Brice is a goddess among women. That membership at the YMCA needs to happen because I need to work on the Michelle Obama arms and Brice abs if I want to be a dancer like *that*.

Anyway, this is getting rambly so I think I'm done for the night. I really should try to write more. Journaling is cathartic.

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